Your professional dream is my mission

I'll help you solve and tackle the obstacles which are keeping you from achieving your personal and professional goals in an intensive NLP session and in a session with Playmobile (plus a monitoring session)

Your professional dream is my mission

I’ll help you solve and tackle the obstacles which are keeping you from achieving your personal and professional goals – in JUST ONE SESSION (plus a monitoring session).


Do you have a professional or personal goal that you want to achieve, but you don’t know how to get there?

Perhaps you’ve tried it in the past, but it did not work the way you expected.
Do you feel you lack the knowledge and tools to make your goal a reality?

Book a whole morning or evening for this session as it will take us between 3 and 4 hours

Imagine for a moment that…

  • You feel empowered and can count on the perfect action plan to make your dreams come true
  • You become your own staunch ally – so you’re able to achieve your objectives.
  • You feel freedom to knock your destiny into the shape you wish as now your beliefs push you towards it
  • You feel aligned: life & bussiness feel fun as well as well-respected, responsible & secure
  • You’re able to use your gifts professionally to help people to improve their lives.
  • You live in coherence & use your personal power.
  • You feel peace, satisfaction and joy to be following your dream and to continue being part of this plan called LIFE!

How might this change your life?

If you want to live your life using all your potential – and give the world all that you have to give – you’re in the right place.

Together we will transform your limiting beliefs.

We’ll see if your values are aligned with your goal, so you can create the perfect balance between who you feel you are and what you do.

I’ll offer you space and time where you can explore what you wish for professionally, and how, where and when you want it to happen.

Then I’ll invite you to give to yourself the opportunity to see and create your professional dream. You will have the opportunity to rediscover and recreate yourself – and to transform what’s needed for you to get to your objective.

“This session has helped me to gain back the energy and confidence needed to set my priorities straight and revisit the personal goals which were the motivation that brought me here in the first place.

Maria connected deeply with my personal case in a way that helped us quickly to identify key points that were obstructing the way to my goals. Thanks to that connection we were able to sail across different scenarios, identifying obstacles and helping me to understand how to face those and avoid them in the future so I can manage my way through a clear path to my final goals.”

Israel Sotomayor, Senior Software Engineer (San Francisco)

In our session together we will…

Make sure your values are aligned with your goals, creating balance between you and your actions

Identify and break down the mental blocks which are stopping you from taking action

We´ll also study which are the emotional motivations that will keep you committed to your goal

Decide on the milestones that will lead to your success – and put a plan in place to help you achieve your goal


Assembling (and loving!) our action plan

Our mission in this session is to free your personal gifts and help you apply them in your professional field so you can build a thriving and independent life.

  • I’ll work with you to identify your purpose, set your goal and work out how to make it happen, and to take awareness of what you need to live in your own excellence.
  • Together we’ll explore your connection with your goal and how you relate to it.
  • I’ll guide you to connect with the soul and essence of your objective, and to create the steps to follow to get your final outcome.

I consider this session to be preventive medicine. When we make the decision to make our dream come true, we get rid of emotional and psychological disease and gain better quality of life.

What you’ll take out from our session


  • Align your objective with your values -and observe and combat your self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Discover what is limiting you – and transform your limiting beliefs into expansive beliefs
  • Work out what inner and outer resources you need to move forward


Inner work

  • Find a sense of order inside and outside yourself
  • Reinforce your personal and professional self-esteem
  • You will recognise what are your true motivations so you will allow your goal to come true
  • Discover a deeper self-knowledge
  • Feel that your life is now in your own hands
  • Trust your capacity to go for your goals & to get them done


  • Find total clarity on your true goal
  • You will accomplish your personal and professional goals through a clear, direct and achiable strategy
  • The mental clarity needed to get your goal
  • You’ll identify and optimise your emotional and material resources (your personal value, skills, time, money and energy)
  • Essential requirements for a good action plan -and planning meticulously every milestone toward your goal
  • Leave the session feeling the absolute conviction that you are already following the correct steps and if you’ve already walked half of the journey towards your goal and 
  • A second session where we´ll supervise the steps you´ve already walked, what has worked well and we´ll reinforce what needs to be improved until you create your goal 

You’ll also have the benefit of a good professional who will guide you and help you to design your steps to success.

How it works

Booking a session

Book at session here. You’ll need to set aside a whole morning or evening for our session, as it will take between 3 and 4 hours.

Tools and techniques

During our session I’ll focus on the development of the potential and management of transformation using NLP as my main tool, as well as Ericksonian Hypnosis & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Who I work with

I work face-to-face in Swansea (Wales),  Bristol (England) and Seville and Malaga (Spain).

I also work with clients all over UK and further afield via Zoom or Skype.

I can work with clients in English or Spanish.

What’s needed from you:

Taking action is the key of transformation – so following the steps is essential.

Every time you follow the steps set up in the planning, you are reinforcing your integrity and working carefully towards your success.

This session is for you if:

  • You are 100% commited to see & do everything you need to in order to get your goal
  • You are done with your current professional situation or want to improve it
  • You are convinced you want to live life in the best of your versions
  • You want to get your future feeling thankful to yourself for having followed your passion & dream
  • You want to feel that your are at peace with yourself as well as satisfaction

This session will have a strong impact in your life, and it will help you to transform your life if you make the commiment from right NOW to follow the steps that you need to. For that reason, I am sorry to tell you this session is not for you if:

  • You won’t make the commiment to follow the steps
  • You are not interested in taking the control of your life
  • You are not sure if you truly want to get your goal
  • Your well-being is not truly important to you
  • You don´t desire 100% to create coherence & joy in your life

“The work we did together helped me to develop confidence asking for what I want. I also learned to recognise aspects of myself in conflict and techniques to bring them into alignment, which continues to bring positive change to my life.  Each session was a powerful and rewarding experience, expertly supported by Maru’s intuitive and focused approach.”

Tom Fisher

How else can I help you?

I can also help you with personal development sessions 

  • Increasing your self-esteem and strengthening your mind 
  • Transforming your behaviours, thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs
  • Connecting you with the joy of being alive
  • Overcoming self-sabotage
  • Learning how to set up boundaries (ideal for parents and teachers)
  • Helping you overcome difficulties with decision-making
  • Improving your relationships
  • Helping to treat anxiety and depression
  • NLP for parents of children with autism
  • Removing limiting emotions with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Breaking up process
  • Guided trance through Ericksonian hypnosis  

What my clients are saying about working with me…

About me

Hi, I’m Maria Eugenia Lopez Soriano, founder of NLP Living in Excellence and practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I specialise in supporting entrepreneurs who don’t know how to achieve their goals or feel a strong insecurity that leads them to feel blocked. I use a range of techniques, including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), The Playmobile TechniqueEricksonian Hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I facilitate to each of my clients the suitable tools for them to experience the freedom needed to build their projects, and therefore to live in their biggest potential.

I feel my profession is an extention of who I am.

What lead me to this work

I remember the first time I had an existential question; I was just four years old. I asked my mum where the first person on the Earth came from.                  I already used to show a clear interest for human being and for what is on top of us that is intangible, subtle, and for what it exists even when it can not been seen.                                                                                                                                    I always had the strong feeling of being consciously looking for the pieces that were missing in my personal puzzle. Currently, I can say that I have the deep satisfaction of having found, at least, the most esential pieces to feel peace within me.                                                                                                                      That is the reason why I feel this profession to be my mission in life as it allows me to share everything I have learnt with those who are interested on it.

Let me tell you that before practicing NLP professionally, I used to feel very frustrated as I couldn’t use all my gifts 100% in the field I used to work in at that time. I wasn’t really living my passion. I had old fears and strong limiting beliefs, so even having the tools and attributes that are required for this work, I wasn’t strong enough to take the leap. I used to feel very blocked and removed from my personal power.

One day I couldn’t cope anymore. I decided to follow my professional dream, not caring much about the final outcome. I didn’t want to reach the future and to blame myself for not having even tried it.                                                          This means I have been where you are at this moment, feeling exactly the same than you are possibly feeling right now. And it also means I have walked the road to leave that situation, so I perfectly know the way out of it. I have created the path to my own success. There is where my expertise lies.

So in addition to the personal development sessions, I can also guide you to create & make true your professional dream.


The power of taking action

Let me tell you that taking action sends out a powerful and unconscious message that says “Yes, you can”. This is what gives you the strength and motivation to follow every milestone, and enables you to realise your dreams.

We gain our own trust when we take action.

The best way we learn is by doing. Taking action is the key of transformation; every time you follow the steps that you need to, you are reinforcing your integrity and ensuring your success. NLP is about taking action: that is why I believe it is the best tool to use.


You have it in you to transform yourself – and your life

NLP Living in Excellence was born from my absolute certainty that every single person has the innate resources to transform themselves both personally and professionally. It is the result of my own personal and professional development done over many years.

My clients value my services because I use intention, full attention, technique, trust and confidence (as I am authetic as well as empathetic) and connection with the client to enable them to obtain their goals.


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